31 January 2017

Trying to Buy Some Time

Plastic wrap over B's tray in an attempt to keep him busy/happy/confused for a few more minutes while a Mama tries to get something done in the kitchen! #toddlerlife

30 January 2017

Quote of the Day

“Your shoes are quiet Mommy and my shoes are loud!”


Moccasins, cowboy boots, and a twinkle in her eye.

All for the Bunny…

I have put diapers on this bunny. Fed this bunny. Given this bunny a bottle. Held this bunny. Even put this bunny on the potty to go pee.


All in the name of love.

For the girlie. And the bunny.


IMG_0605 IMG_0606


Harry Potter

Sitting on the couch, reading the same book as my boy. I had a head start and it took him no time to get waaaay past me. Love this bookworm.

27 January 2017

22 January 2017


Perfect spot for a perfect Christmas gift from my sis and a heart-warming, tear-supplying birthday 'scroll' from a dear friend.

21 January 2017

20 January 2017

Need a Tissue?

Toddler right of passage: tissue mess. Please congratulate B on having arrived!

18 January 2017

Runaway Uber

A few months ago a friend and I went on an adventure to the biggest market area (in the Middle East? I wonder!) because I wanted curtain fabric!


There were endless options to choose from, but I knew exactly what I wanted. And found it! (Final fabric choice not pictured).

When we were done shopping we found a busy street and requested an Uber. We travel by Uber a lot here… it’s easy and affordable and takes away a lot of the stress of parking and sitting in traffic when we know we’re going to busy areas.

Soooo I ordered the Uber. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

The map that showed the car’s location and proximity to me didn’t seem to be working properly because it didn’t take long for the car to have reached the Mediterranean Sea. Although amazingly… it said he should be arriving in a mere 7 minutes… incredible!


They we started fearing for the survival of the car. Or was it an Uber boat?!


He didn’t stop there.  Turkey! Still 7 minutes.


Onto Central Asia? And down to only 6 minutes… that’s progress! Oh my…


Eventually it seemed he made it to Siberia. I think. Is that where Siberia is?


Uhhhh yeah.

So we cancelled the trip and jumped in a taxi instead.You know, we didn’t want to rush the driver away from his holiday in Siberia and all.

Happy Girl

This is Sweet N and her (main) teacher this year. This lady is so kind and attentive and goes above and beyond. I am so very thankful for her. N loves her too.


Fire Roasted Hot Dog

Recently I blogged about how inspired I’ve been by my kids flexibility and willingness to adjust to their new school and life in general in a new country.

And then a few days later H gave me another great example without even knowing it.

We were having a touristy day with my parents and I let the kids pick a bag of chips part way through for a snack.

The choices here are not what we are accustomed to. Some of the choices were Kebab, Garlic and Cheese and the one my boy chose… A hot dog being roasted over a fire.



Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but okay then!

He went about happily munching his chips. Later I asked him

“How are those hot dog chips, H?”

and he replied:

“I’m trying to get used to them, even though they make my eyes water.”

This kid does not have a history of liking spicy things. At. All.

So, ummmm, they are so spicy that they are making his eyes water and he’s eating them still? Because he wants to LEARN TO LIKE THEM?

For real. What nine year old says that?

He’s amazing. And I’m inspired. Again.

15 January 2017


As I type, I am listening to my boy H video chat with his cousin D in the States. They are running through everything they can think of that they got for Christmas a few weeks ago. It’s super cute and makes my heart very glad.

In the midst of all the Lego this and Star-War that, I overheard this…

H: I got Epoxy.

D: Eeeee-what?

H: Epoxy. It’s a kind of glue that smells like dead fish.

D: What?



That really just tickled me. Love those boys, their convo, and their sometimes odd Christmas gifts…

11 January 2017

10 January 2017

Packin' Up

They're trying to smuggle him back to the U.S. 😉

Mystery Fruit

The fruit here is incredible. But what even is this one?!

06 January 2017

Fleecey Jammie Love

Sometimes I think about the days before microfleece and I shiver. (Filter appropriately called 'slumber')

03 January 2017

Desert Day

Windblown, sand-covered, likely sunburnt and HAPPY after a day of desert adventure outside Cairo with some of my fav peeps.
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