18 January 2017

Fire Roasted Hot Dog

Recently I blogged about how inspired I’ve been by my kids flexibility and willingness to adjust to their new school and life in general in a new country.

And then a few days later H gave me another great example without even knowing it.

We were having a touristy day with my parents and I let the kids pick a bag of chips part way through for a snack.

The choices here are not what we are accustomed to. Some of the choices were Kebab, Garlic and Cheese and the one my boy chose… A hot dog being roasted over a fire.



Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but okay then!

He went about happily munching his chips. Later I asked him

“How are those hot dog chips, H?”

and he replied:

“I’m trying to get used to them, even though they make my eyes water.”

This kid does not have a history of liking spicy things. At. All.

So, ummmm, they are so spicy that they are making his eyes water and he’s eating them still? Because he wants to LEARN TO LIKE THEM?

For real. What nine year old says that?

He’s amazing. And I’m inspired. Again.

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