18 January 2017

Runaway Uber

A few months ago a friend and I went on an adventure to the biggest market area (in the Middle East? I wonder!) because I wanted curtain fabric!


There were endless options to choose from, but I knew exactly what I wanted. And found it! (Final fabric choice not pictured).

When we were done shopping we found a busy street and requested an Uber. We travel by Uber a lot here… it’s easy and affordable and takes away a lot of the stress of parking and sitting in traffic when we know we’re going to busy areas.

Soooo I ordered the Uber. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

The map that showed the car’s location and proximity to me didn’t seem to be working properly because it didn’t take long for the car to have reached the Mediterranean Sea. Although amazingly… it said he should be arriving in a mere 7 minutes… incredible!


They we started fearing for the survival of the car. Or was it an Uber boat?!


He didn’t stop there.  Turkey! Still 7 minutes.


Onto Central Asia? And down to only 6 minutes… that’s progress! Oh my…


Eventually it seemed he made it to Siberia. I think. Is that where Siberia is?


Uhhhh yeah.

So we cancelled the trip and jumped in a taxi instead.You know, we didn’t want to rush the driver away from his holiday in Siberia and all.

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