09 February 2017

Jammin’ Joe Bake

I have been trying to do more and more cooking with my kiddos. They LOVE it and I wanna bank on that.

I am inspried by a friend who has four bigger kids. She taught them how to cook and now they occasionally to to out-do each other for family dinners.

Uuuummmm, yes please. Let me in on that action. The work now would be worth the payoff later in life, I’d say.

Aaaanyway, when we have a school break of something I often get down some cookbooks and let each big kid choose something they’d like to make.

This is a fun cookbook. Kid cookbooks are helpful because they have nice illustrations that help.


Sweet N chose this…


It’s like sloppy joe casserole. Which frankly didn’t sound that good to me. But I (occasionally) try to not be in control of everything (ack!) and so I went with her choice.

She browned the meat and mixed the batter and basically did it. I did assist.


She did a great design on top and it really was delicious. I think I’ll have her do it again!

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