20 March 2017

Productivity Plummets (Reprise)

I wrote this blog post a couple years ago when Lil’ A turned one.

And I find myself living it allll over again. I just read it again and it just plain tickles me… this toddler stage is something all in it’s own league, that much is true.

This very day I let my usually-barred-from-the-kitchen toddler happily run inside when he saw his opportunity open (in our case, the playpen moved away from the opening… allowing him to enter, which is rare) and dig in the foil/straw/other stuff drawer because I just wanted to drink my coffee and I knew he’d be occupied for a few moments.

And I’m currently ignored any number of items that are strewn around the house out of place. And I’ve definitely been playing the ‘pac-man’ game with him TONS lately (see above blog post link to know what I mean). But here, it means I have to dash in a bathroom (forbidden for him) or my bedroom (forbidden for him) and do whatever it is I need to do in that room, dash back out and get the door closed before he catches wind of my location! My little buddy is FAST on his feet and he can hear the door open from the other end of the house. He’ll be in my room digging my stuff out of my nightstand drawers in no time. Pick up the speed Mama!

So, as I do, I’ve collected some photos of him since he started being on the move and getting himself into ‘trouble’. These start from the summer, when he was crawling around in my parents house finding all sorts of pickles to get into and messes to make.


The recycling bin is always good fun.


Low shelves on tables, amazing!


Poor navigation and size-estimating skills get you in pinches (no pun intended, ha!) like this one though…


Okay, so he didn’t end up in the kitchen sink for a bath on his own! But he is just cute…


Exploring the shower and it’s fascinating contents…


And when we returned home to Africa he went through a phase of trying to crawl over the table bars and getting stuck halfway. Poor little guy.


This is more current. Unloading drawers, boxes and cabinets whenever he can. Classic toddler.


Big mess. But he’s occupied. So that’s good!


That time he got a pencil and scribbled on the wall…


He loves the dishwasher and it’s dirty contents. This day I had failed to keep him out and found myself doing dishes with one leg in the air keeping him away from the dirty knives…


Anyone need some parchment paper?


Oh look! For once he’s trying to help clean up the mess he made!


Oh this is also the ‘baby in a box’ stage! He loves to find things to sit it.Cute stage.


Exploring the inside of cabinets is always fun.



This way the glorious day that would go down in happy baby history if babies had any memory. He got in the cabinet, opened the oatmeal, spilled it, and then I just let him play. It ended up with two happy kids and oatmeal ALLLLL over the kitchen. But it was easy enough to clean up.

So there you have it. Mister B’s age one activity report. And the year of age one is not yet half over, so I’m sure we have a lot more adventures ahead of us…

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