15 May 2017

Quote of the Day (Delirious Toddler Version)

Recently, my sweet little delirious A has said the following:

Me: A, it’s almost time for a nap.

A: (whining) But Mooom, I can’t sleep when I’m taking a rest!!

Me: Uhhhhhhh, what?




Me: A, you need to come here for a time out.

A: For how long?

Me: 2 minutes.

A: (Shrugging) But 2 minutes is tooooo short!!! (motioning to me by holding her fingers very close together how very short 2 minutes actually is.)

Me: Um, okay? Does that mean you would like a longer time out?

A: Nope.


Haha! She is hysterical. And delirious sometimes. And cute. And she knows it.

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