02 June 2017

What Kinda Moves?…

A couple nights ago I was driving home late in the evening by myself. Since we had recently debuted my 2017 Summer Mix Playlist and I was feeling light-hearted and summery… I was dancing and singing in the car while stuck in Cairo traffic. I hope not too many people noticed.

In the midst of groovin’, I had a funny thought that just put a big grin on my face. I suddenly wondered what kind of moves do I suppose Jesus has? I mean… I bet He’s got some moves. He is, after all, the creator of music and bodies and rhythms and melodies and harmonies and weeeellll I can hardly imagine him enjoying music while always standing still like a statue!

I like that thought. Someday I’ll find out. In the meantime He’ll just have to be my present-yet-invisible-car-dancing-companion.

I love Him.

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