28 August 2017

God Was Planning Ahead

I was just sorting photos from this summer, and I came upon these.



And I saw God all over it.

See, in June, Lil’ A randomly started thinking it was really fun to drink out of a medicine syringe. And she thought it was fun to squirt water at people out of a medicine syringe. Which I admit, is fun! You should try it sometime. These photos are us having a giggly time squirting each other with water. Then she went back to filling it with water and drinking out  of it.

I realized that God was planning ahead! Let me explain. After her surgery, about the only way she would drink anything was out of a medicine dropper. Even when she didn’t want a Capri-Sun, or a popsicle, ice cream, or to sip out of a fun cup… she would occasionally squirt water down her throat with a medicine dropper.  And I was so thankful! Staying hydrated is so important when recovering from adenoid and tonsil removal, because dehydration can cause the scabs to come off prematurely and then the wounds will bleed . If they bleed then they would need to be cauterized to stop them from bleeding. And to be cauterized, the child would have to go back under full anesthesia for the procedure. And that’s a big deal!

But trying to get a child to drink when they’ve got the worst sore throat of their life can be a challenge.

However, this medicine syringe thing worked for us, and I think God knew that months before when He led her to do it for fun.

I’m thankful for God’s provision, in all things great and small.

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