16 August 2017

Summertime Joys

We live in a city of 25 million. It’s not known for it’s parks, it’s cleanliness, it’s pure air, or it’s outdoorsy culture. Nope. Definitely not those things.

I can deal with it. Our kids are growing up in quite a different environment than Mikey and I did. QUITE. But we are so okay with that. One reason we are okay with that is that our kids get one big old healthy dose of the outdoors each summer in the U.S.

My parents live in the country, and over the years their property has evolved into, well, basically a kids summertime dream! Each summer we spend a good chunk of time time at their place and it’s so much fun.  So refreshing for all of us. The only thing more enriching than a couple months spent largely outdoors each summer is my kids relationships with their grandparents, which is the even greater gift.

Below is a photo dump of just some of the many activities my kiddos enjoyed this summer!


Bubbles were a big favorite of this guy. Also one of his best words!


Little guy on a big tractor.


The pool is a new addiction and oh-s0-much-fun!



Bikes for all ages.


Cozy coupe!


This gift from several years ago is still going strong and is a big hit. Who didn’t dream of having one of these when they were small?


My sister is great at mixing up sidewalk paint each year.


Bike washing station. Basically anything with water is fun!




Well, this was when the three of us went to have a delicous lunch out together. It wasn’t on my parent’s property, but we did sit outside, so that counts, right?


Screen porch snuggles with Grammi.


Inside now. Relaxing in laundry baskets, of course.


Little boy and a red wagon. Classic.


Trailer rides behind Poppi’s tractor. So much fun! Even I love to get in on this one. But now that I’m looking at it, I’m wondering how many more years we are all going to be able to fit?!


A s’more roast in the backyard is tradition. And one I’m happy to keep!


Look at that amazing sun streaming in…


This girl picked up bike riding in one afternoon!


Grammi did a lot of cooking with the kids. They always love that!


Poppi jumps on the trampoline almost every evening. The kids would NEVER let him forget that that is his deal with them!

All this fun and so much more!

I couldn’t be more thankful. Can’t wait for next year!

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