08 September 2017

The Love of Cheeseball, Continued…

As previous generations have always done… (okay, okay, maybe just siblings before), Mister B loved him some cheeseball this summer! Cheeseball has traditionally been a special appetizer for family gatherings at holidays… buuuuut since we aren’t really in the U.S. for Thanksgiving or Christmas that doesn’t work.

So Grandma makes cheeseball for any ol’ occasion through the summer.

No one complains.

Especially my children (and their father) who can easily polish off an entire cheeseball in an evening.

It’s been a family pastime to watch the littlest family member really dig into the cheeseball, as you can see here.

This summer was no different as Mister B finally had a go!


His particular way of eating cheesball was to load up a cracker, lick the cheese off the cracker and load up the cracker again. I mean, why fill a tummy with a Ritz when you could save space for more CHEESEBALL.


Can this be considered some sort of double dipping? I’m not sure…




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