08 October 2017

A Quick Trip to the Beach

One serious perk about living here is that the beach is only 1.5 hours away. So just before school started for my big kids, we made a quick trip of it.


We loved what this hotel had to offer outdoors! There were four pools. One tiny baby pool, which we all enjoyed. A bigger kid pool with slides just the perfect size for B and A. The big kids would help B up and down the little ladders and he’s go down the slides all by himself, go underwater at the end and then bob back up (because of his arm floaties), grin, and do it all over again. it was so stinkin’ fun.

There were also two larger deeper pools. One of them had four short but VERY fast slides for big kids and adults too. Mike and I had fun trying them out. A was brave and she did them too. But they were so fast and pretty brutal at the end. Also, there was no lifeguard supervision and there were lots of kids, so you can imagine that some collisions happened at the bottom, oh my! My kids took it all in stride…


My kids love these paddle boats, so we usually pay a little extra so they can enjoy them. The whole time they are having fun with them, I just keep thinking how good it is for learning steering…



The frog slide in the above picture is one that B loved and did over and over and over again.



After we tried all the pools and got a little chilly, we took a break to eat lunch.



While we waited for our food, the kids enjoyed the huge pile of bean bags.


And Mister B threw a fit. This is nothing new. I think he was tired. Poor buddy.  When he gets like that, there is literally nothing that can be done to calm him down. It’s just gotta be waited out. Which means we get some interesting looks from people around us…


Partial recovery.


After lunch we went to check out the beachfront.


It was beautiful. Tide was low and the conditions were perfect for building.



This one loves to search for shells and other treasures.







When the sun was going down, we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. After dinner we relaxed in the bean bag chairs again.


We all slept well and on the way down to breakfast the next morning, out tiny elevator got stuck between floors. Oh the adventure! We were banging on the door and I called the front desk after I googled the number on my phone. It didn’t take long for them to pry the doors open and help our family climb down to the hallway. Memories!


Overall, the trip was so full of joy for our family. We had SO MUCH FUN together. I am so thankful.

And we loved the pools and the beach but the accommodations, food and service were disappointing and frustrating. We were denied entry at the security gate, the food was sub-par at best, there was A MOUSE IN OUR ROOM, and we got stuck in an elevator, oh my. So as we checked out, I made a complaint and insisted on speaking with the manager. He heard my complaints and we spent a little while bargaining. In the end I received a partial refund and a voucher for a free night in the future. So I’m pleased about that!

And so we pulled out with that satisfied-and-tired-from-so-much-sun-feeling. We felt joyful, pink, refreshed and just so blessed.


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