23 October 2017

I’m Sorry, B Part II

We had the first installment of this unplanned series over a year ago.

Today I give you part II.

The first one goes way back. But it’s a good one. I quickly popped him in a security box at the airport while I opened the stroller or put my shoes on or some such thing. I promise it was safe and that he didn’t go through the scanner like that.

I am fairly certain the a first or second child never got treatment like this from his/her mother. This def seems like a fourth child thing, ha!


Anyway, he obviously wasn’t a fan. Sorry, B.


Buried by his siblings. Sorry, B!


A real live doll baby put in a doll stroller. Sorry, B!




Hair salon time. Sorry, B.


Buried again. Sorry, B!

But all this attention is a sign that YOU ARE LOVED!!! You really are so much fun to play with.

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