22 October 2017

Vocabulary Lesson from Lil’ A


This (hankie) is a “coughing blanket”.

And a quote to go along with that…

It’s my lucky day ‘cause I have a lot of snot.” –Lil’ A



These (apricots) are “apple-cots”.


A loves to eat boiled eggs. So she asks me “Is this a spilling egg?” to find out if it is boiled or not. So cute.


We did a cutting project one day with these  “maganees”.


Here is is holding her “password”.


This is what she called pomegranates (of which we have a lot these days)… “pomagrammans”. And so of course that’s what I call them too…

Lastly, another quote…

“Mommy, I’m hot!!! Can you put on a song?”

As if  a song is the cure to her temperature problem. Ha!

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