31 December 2017

Beautiful Laundry Line

Who knew clothes on clothesline could look so beautiful. Space for a long clothesline outside is just another one of the things I love about our new(ish) apartment. And it reminds me of my childhood. ❤️

18 December 2017

Three More Sleeps?!

This is getting real! Only 3 more sleeps until Grandma and Grandpa and Joyce come to see us! We can hardly believe it!!

15 December 2017

Classic Church Scene

Little Elf

Santa's little elf hard at work. And in case you're wondering... she DOESN'T need any help. She can do it all by herself. . Except with the tape. And the cutting. And what does Daddy's letter look like again? She's the best.

10 December 2017


"Toooeeee" he keeps telling me, showing me (it's peeking through his jammies) and giggling to no end. 😍

06 December 2017


It's 58 degrees out this evening. So like good little desert children, my kids dug out their winter things and bundled up to go play on the terrace.


He wants very much to open the panty door and get a cookie. He fixed the problem of not being able to reach the door handle. But despite that it just won't open and he's not sure why. 😂😂

02 December 2017

Peaceful Afternoon

A good book, pillows and blankets, a twinkling tree, piano winterlude, a peaceful home. One of my happiest places.

Special Day for Me

A blessed day with my loves.
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