20 February 2018

Her Dream Come True

This girlie has been talking about and planing this event for literally MANY MONTHS.

You see, in our family, we have all birthdays and all major holidays within 4 months of each other, starting at the end of October. This girlie is almost last. So she's had months of seeing everyone else get special preparations and treats and special days. And it's hard to wait when you're 4!!!

At least a couple times a week for months she asks us "How long until my birthday?" Then we tell her the approximate number of days. Then she demands "Show me how many that is" and we flash 10 fingers in the air enough times to match the approximate number of days she mentioned.  Then she (without fail) and with lots of drama proclaims...

"Whyyyyyy is my birthday taking FOOOORREEEEVVVEEEERRR"

Can you hear her saying it?

Cause I can.

And it's adorable, not annoying. Just to be clear.

So then she would usually go on to tell her her plans for her birthday, which included the kind of cake (chocolate, of course) and what she wanted to eat for each meal and where she wanted to go.

And then she ALWAYS asked me, just to make sure (again)... "Can I make the cake with you Mama?"

"Of course you can baby. I'd love that!"

And so here we have it!

Her birthday FIIIINNNNNAAAAAALLLY is here. And she's pretty excited about it.

So,,, she’s five this week. How is that possible? I literally don’t even know.

She makes my heart explode.

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