08 February 2018

Photo of the Day

Just finished 30 days of the leaky gut diet. And I feel amazing. I’ve learned so much about healing foods, learned so much about the level of self-control I can exhibit, and learned how good I can feel when I eat clean. In a nutshell it was no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar, limited fruits, and nothing processed. . . . Common meals: Bfast: eggs scrambled in butter with onions, an occasional fried sweet potato, and a cup of peppermint tea with collagen added Lunch: bone broth or healing turmeric cauliflower soup made with bone broth and a big salad with romaine, baked chicken breast, sunflower seeds, and a glug of olive oil Dinner: a huge pile of sautéed veggies and beef patties or kofta (a local way to prepare ground beef) Evening snack (not pictured): walnuts, one square 85% dark chocolate and a cup of cinnamon ginger tea with collagen, 5 drops of stevia and a spoon of coconut oil Also: that whole list of supplements throughout the day.

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