05 February 2018

Tot Talking

It’s so fun when toddlers start to talk more. They reach a certain stage where new words start coming daily. That is where Mister B is at right now and I’m enjoying it so much. Some of his words are Arabic, which is just so neat (although none in this 20 mins).

Here is just 20 minutes of words… from the time I got him out of bed, to the time I dropped him on at nursery school…

“Toes” He said as I walked into his room. He said that because he had taken off his pajamas and he could see his toes!

“Poo-Poo” came next. He was right about that one. Next he needs to learn “blow-out” so that this Mama can have proper warning.

“Ewwwwww” he said as I changed his diaper. Very accurate. He’s so bright.

When I mentioned that he needed to have a quick bath, he replied “Baaaaff”. (He loves a bath.)

When the water wasn’t warm enough, he told me “cold”.

When I told him he had to go in anyway, he said “No” (typical).

When I put him in anyway (it was just a rinse off for a few seconds, really), he said again “Cold!”

I got him out and was dressing him, so we said goodbye to his “Toes” again when I put his socks on.

He kept saying “Doe” “Doe” “Doe” and I figured out he was telling me he wanted to GO! When I asked him if he wanted to go to school he emphatically nodded his head. Then he said “School”.

Before we left, we had to brush his “Teef” of course. But when I set him on the bathroom counter, it was also “cold”.

We left the house to get in the elevator and he told the elevator “Hello” and then he said “Up” (because it was coming up from a lower floor).

Then we drove several minutes to school, during which I was singing acapella the whole time in the car. He heard the phrase “You are good” (from this song) a lot in that short time… so when I parked and went to get him out of his seat, he said “Mama!… Oooo areee dooood” in the sweetest little sing songy voice!

And lastly, when I carried him to the door, he reminded me that he wanted to be the one to ring the “ning nong” (ding dong… doorbell).

And off he went, happy as a clam.

He makes my heart burst.

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