16 March 2018

Photo of the Day

This little guy. Fresh outta the bath and into my fav jammies on him... the lumberjacks. He has my heart.

Photo of the Day

Pro tip: using a scooter makes emptying the dishwasher much better.

15 March 2018

Photo of the Day

Uhhhh not helpful. That's my car on the left. People here are great at parking... very impressive at times. But this? This is just frustrating.

08 March 2018

Photo of the Day

Took three kids to the @hakawyinternationalfestival for children today and enjoyed the two shows we watched SO much! So much beauty and creativity out there, and so many stories to be told.

07 March 2018

Photo of the Day

One of my all-time favorite photos. A tiny Sweet N trying to wake up one morning in Jordan, many lifetimes ago it feels...

06 March 2018

Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day

Apparently he had a hankerin' to peel a potato. So he gathered all the necessary supplies from the kitchen (including a stool to sit on) and went about peeling his potato into the trash can. I do believe he's been watching me. Although I don't sit on a stool while I peel. He's at such a fun age!

05 March 2018

03 March 2018

Photo of the Day

She declared "respect the end of the book" and crawled into bed to finish her latest Wimpy Kid novel. That's my girl. I started declaring "respect the end of the book" years ago to ensure that the reader gets to enjoy the end of the book. It also gives respect to the author and his/her craft. Well, it stuck and now four of us call it out at various times and the rest step back and give space. I love it.

01 March 2018

At the Golf Course

For my birthday a few months ago, Mike gave me a voucher saying he’d take me golfing!

Well, it’s been busy and cold and we never scheduled it.

Until yesterday!

Ohmygoodness, it was a PERFECT PERFECT DAY. What can I say? The weather was lovely, the course beautiful, and the company… well, this is many my best friend and we had so much fun together.  Also, don’t let me forget to mention that I won!


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