About Me

Me? I am an early thirties wife and Mama of three. The five of us used to make our home in Northern Africa which sometimes brought me great joy and satisfaction. But sometimes it also made me want to throw my own pity party and eat an entire batch of fudge icing with a spoon.

However, in January of 2013, the governement of that dear country so very kindly (or not) asked us to leave. And fast. So within eight days, my husband, two children and my eight month pregnant self had packed it up, sold the rest and found ourselves grieving the loss of our home and life that we had learned to love and thrive in.

We currently make our home in Colorado and while I admit life in America is preeeeety comfy... we still miss our daily life in Africa.

I am an experienced bottom wiper, a super-fast PB&J preparer, a cuticle picker and a vintage hanky collector. I also have found myself running preschools, first in Africa and now here! You also probably don't care to know that I prefer to sleep two to five pillows.
I love to try new things. I don't mind instant coffee. I have a desire to 'create' (that is where this blog comes in). I have a serious sweet tooth. I love to give gifts. I could organize until the cows come home. And I adore my husband who is my best friend and one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

I am an amateur writer. An amateur photographer. And I strive to do those things and and everything else I put my hands to to give glory to Jesus, my Savior and friend.

This is my blog.

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