Q and A's

Q: Why is your blog titled suz-mae?  
A: Good question.  My first name is Suzanne, but many call me Suz.  And Mae is one of my two middle names (yes, two... family tradition).  Put them together... and ya got 'suz-mae.' No one calls me this, but this is what I call this little blog o' mine.

Q: Why do you write? 
A: Thanks for asking.  I ask myself the same thing every time I break a nail on my keyboard.  So I have dedicated another page to answer this question.  It's important for me to know why I put time into this blog.  So I wrote it out for myself.  You are welcome to read it too.

Q: Why do you talk about your kids so dang much?  
A: Well, you must not be a parent, cause I dare any mother out there to have her own blog and never EVER mention her kids. im.poss.ib.le.  Next question please.

Q: Do you really expect me to read to the end of your mile-long posts?  
A: Nope, I don't.  But I do expect my Mom to. I expect her to read every last word. She's my dedicated, unpaid editor with an eagle eye for my errors.  And she just really likes me and my kids. Ha!

Q: When did you start writing?  
 A: Well, I suppose I started 'writing writing' when I first traveled abroad at the fresh young age of 19.  I don't think I knew I was 'writing writing' at the time.  But that was the beginning. I was loving all the new European experiences so much and I loved sharing them with friends and family back home in emails. Looooong emails. Really really long emails. However, at that time my writing consisted of endless paragraphs and too many details that no one cared about.  The endless paragraphs have now been replaced with innumerable fragments... and the details?  Yeah. I probably still do that. Some things never change.

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